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 February 2, 2023  

Most Commented Photoset Zishy Model

Gabbie Carter: Untitled (Dark Theme) 111 Comments

Gabbie is always fun to be around. That is why I purchased rubber molds of some of her famous body parts, just to remind me of her awesome personality. We had some creative fun with a charcoal beauty mask and bath bomb. Hold on to your hats. Click Here For Tour

Natalie Moore Summer Squash 111 Comments

Once I saw Natalie Moore on a preview trailer for an adult site, I knew I had to photograph her for Zishy. Natalie was no disappointment. She brought the vibrance that had caught my attention. Though she is in porn, I suspected she had a creative mind and a truly devious nature. She was not simply perv-for-pay as so many girls are in the industry. Mix that in with her looks and you have a winner. We took these at a buddy’s place who has an exquisite little garden. Natalie offered the idea of climbing the tree in her dress and heels. Click Here For Tour

Carolina Munoz Not For Everyone 85 Comments

I love eating at this one restaurant. It is a labor of love for a very talented chef. He seems to have many satisfied customers. Sometimes, I don’t enjoy a particular ingredient that he chooses. And sometimes, he does not make the food spicy enough for my taste buds. But usually his dishes are the best I can find in my city. I know that I have never run a restaurant, nor spent much time in a kitchen, but I still have plenty of opinions on how he can make his food better. He should pass out comment cards. Listen to Conjunto Primavera while you watch Carolina Munoz in the bonus video. Click Here For Tour

Natalie Austin Dress Test 78 Comments

Natalie Austin performs a stress test on this American Apparel dress. It passes, but I believe her curvaceous figure might have left a permanent imprint. I know there was some imprinting done on my mind. When I was taking these I noticed an interesting feature of Natalie’s figure. She asked, “You didn’t notice that before?” Nope. Then I assured her that many people are huge fans of asymmetry. Henry Mancini’s “Lujon” is the song in the bonus video. Click Here For Tour

Sabrina Reyes El Segundo Times 77 Comments

Sabrina Reyes is a fascinating individual. She kicks ass in tennis, even plays on the collegiate level. We met online and I quickly sensed Sabrina’s burning desire to challenge her inhibitions. I am not sure if it is due to a repressed upbringing, but Sabrina seems eager to play with the Devil. We narrowly escaped danger at the public library. Our impaired focus made it easy for a lady to sneak right up on us. I battled the idea of heavily censoring this adventure for Zishy publication, but because the experience was rare and completely authentic, censorship lost. Click Here For Tour

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