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 February 4, 2023

Blacked Longest Running Video

The name of the game here is high-end incredible locales and featuring stunning porn stars and rookies as they take on well-endowed black men in hardcore scenes.

Carter Cruise Obsession Chapter 1 59:14 min.

In this four chapter feature showcase Carter plays Kate. Kate has always been a good girl. She has everything she could dream of.  A wonderful fiancé, a fantastic lifestyle and rich parents. But that’s not what she wants. She has wilder dreams of threesomes, gangbangs and hot interracial sex. One night she succumbs to her desires and gets a taste of Jason and Flash’s big black cocks in the bathroom. There’s no turning back after that and she starts a sexual journey that will impress you. Click Here For Tour

Dani Daniels and Anikka Interracial Threesome 58:34 min.

The amount of beauty and passion in this film is crazy. Dani and Anikka are two incredibly hot girls with goddess body. Just looking at their amazing thick asses is enough reason to watch this. It starts with Dani and Anikka making out and eating each-others pussy and asses, they even orgasmed at the same time. When Rob’s pullout is huge black cock you can instantly see fire in Dani and Anikka’s eyes. Watch Dani lick Anikka’s asshole while she cums on Rob’s big dick the scene never stops. The energy never goes down. Beautiful and perverted at the same time these two girls will blow your mind. Click Here For Tour

Double Surprise 58:15 min.

Every year on her anniversary, Ashley brings her husband a gift, as any appreciative wife would. Only Ashley likes to give her husband threesomes with other women, and this year, Jill is joining in on the action. Click Here For Tour

Initiation 57:33 min.

Ashley catches up with Avery, and jealousy sets in when she sees her old friend’s new life of luxury. Ashley feels something even stronger when she sees how Avery behaves herself around her new man. But Avery is so eager to show him a good time she’ll gladly let Ashley join in. Click Here For Tour

Addicted To BBC 54:13 min.

Kyler hasn’t been the same since her first hookup with Jason. Now only one kind of man can satisfy her. She’s been getting her fix with one-night stands, but now an unexpected proposition has come along that will rock her world all over again. Click Here For Tour

Passing Me Around 53:40 min.

Kali was always a bad girl getting in trouble but it was her last day as a senior year in college she couldn’t leave the University of Camden without a bang. She told Jason one of her booty calls that she was fantasizing about a gangbang before going back home. So Jason set it up for her as a surprise. Click Here For Tour

Brunette Babe Takes Trio of BBCs 53:00 min.

Sexy wife Adriana has been with her husband a few years now but unfortunately things are not quite as exciting as they used to be. She has met a sexy black man at her local gym and she has been fantasising about him for so long. When her husband is out of town she texts him to see if he wants to meet up. He does, but he has a big surprise in store for this stunning babe. Two of his closest friends are going to come along to enjoy the ride. This beautiful brunette is about to get much more than she was expecting! Click Here For Tour

Dinner And A Movie 52:11 min.

Chloe has been with her boyfriend since high school. She is happy, but in the back of her mind, she wonders what it might be like being with someone else. When she finds out her man is about to pop the question, there is no time to lose. Since graduating she has kept in touch with one of her old professors and they have become pretty close. With this being her last chance, she decides to put a plan into action. It’s time to have some fun before she takes the plunge. Click Here For Tour

The Hot Wife 52:08 min.

Objectification is a dirty word for most people but for Ariana it is something quite different. Anticipation and excitement is exactly what she craves - and she always gets it too. She wears and does exactly what she is told - and she loves every second. Her husband sets up exactly what he craves for her and she attends these meetings willingly - making sure that every sensual detail is relayed to him without exception. Click Here For Tour

19 Year Old Discovers Interracial and BBC 51:42 min.

Beautiful redhead Dolly’s French grades are falling and she needs to improve them to get into the private school she has been dreaming of attending. To help her with her studies, her parents enrol the help of a sexy French tutor to help her along the way. Each week they meet to study, but her interest in the French language has grown into a sexy fantasy about her teacher and what she would love him to do to her. When her parents go out of town, she flirts outrageously with him, trying to get his attention. After failing time and time again, she plays her trump card - revealing her sexy body and offering him something he has no chance of resisting. Click Here For Tour

BadBitches 51:37 min.

Teanna is back on top with the baddest bitches in town as part of her entourage: Vicki with the connections, and Adriana the insatiable sex maniac. Hurry - these three will be fucking every guy at this party in minutes, you won’t want to miss out. Click Here For Tour

Debbie Does Dallas (1978) Preacher's Daughter (2016) Submission of Emma Marx (2013)

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