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Top 9 Aqua Angels of All Time

The list will be updated regularly and it’s based on the number of unique page visits.

9. Chynna Mayberry

Chynna is a bikini designer from Beverly Hills.

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About The Pictorial: The high contrast between red, blue en chocolate skin is absolute perfection. It is quite rare to just the nail the colors. As you look carefully, this place was chosen because of the red tiles. A subtle blue hose just enough to keep it exciting.

8. Christine Mendoza

Christina Mendoza & JDM Style Pictorial

Import Babe Christina Mendoza. For years she only did non-nude and this pictorial came from that period.

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7. Kelly Kay

Kelly Kay & Toyota Celica

About The Pictorial: Sometimes hidden deep within the bowls of glamor world, lies a pictorial long forgotten. In this case, it was the pictures, not the video. That one is widely known and regarded as Kelly Kay’s best work.

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6. Sarah Oliver

Sarah Oliver & Hummer H2

It is claimed she was discovered by Fast&Sexy. She has done a number of car wash theme pictorials for them.

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5. Ashley Gellar

Made in collab & Merc SL500 Roadster

About The Pictorial: Easily the most difficult pictorial to get hold of. No one seems to have the complete set and those complete are from really low quality. Ohhh well, at least we got the pictures!

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4. Devon Daniels

A ScoreClassic Legend

About The Pictorial: A big surprise. Devon hasn’t made any pictorials for the past 33 years! Even 10 years after she quit, she was voted model of the year by readers of Voluptuous magazine.

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3. Jenny Poussin

Jenny Poussin & Blue Mini Cooper

About The Pictorial: And we arrive at the top 3, starting with Jenny Poussin. Not a suprise at all, but a shame it’s the only car wash pictorial. Maybe for the best, sometimes repetition kills sincerity.

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2. Jaime Hammer

Jaime Hammer & Unknown Model Car

About The Pictorial: A former playboy special edition model, this is the only pictorial she did with a car wash theme. It was published on her now defunct website. And that’s why it remained unknown.

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1. Amy Ried

Amy Ried & Merc SL55

About The Pictorial: Your nr. 1. Not much to say, much like 3 and 2, this one is sincere. It’s real, no fancy stuff, no staging. Just plain good old bikini car wash.

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