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 January 28, 2023

AdultEmpire: Most Liked HD Videos between 5-10 dollars

Heavenly Moments 521 Likes

Remember how incredible it felt the first time you had really mind-blowing sex? The thrill of that first penetration, the incredible heights of pleasure and orgasm? This Daring! release lets you explore those exquisite moments experience again! Click Here To View Trailer

Mommy & Me #9 404 Likes

She didn’t know I was into girls, but now that she does… well, lets just say we’re never bored at home! Click Here To View Trailer

Daughter Does Daddy 2 399 Likes

Daughters and Dads fucking around in all the wrong places! Family-theme disclaimer: This is only acting! Click Here To View Trailer

Relax He’s My Stepdad 6 351 Likes

Relax! It’s all good. There’s a party to go to and these girls are ready, except their step dads have some important things to take care of first. Four girls will get to celebrate after they have pleased that important person in their life… their Stepdad. You know you’ve always seen your stepdaughter as a sexy woman! Click Here To View Trailer

Wanna Fuck My Daughter Gotta Fuck Me First 18 325 Likes

These horny moms are using their hottie young daughters to get laid! The rule is whenever their daughters bring home a hot, hung stud, the moms always gets the first fuck! You might think it’s unusual but this way the moms just sit home and let their daughters do all the work. And as long as mom’s cool with it, so are their daughters! Click Here To View Trailer

18 & Waiting Vol. 4 312 Likes Likes

Young, hot, pure, and verified 18 year olds! Click Here To View Trailer

Relax He’s My Stepdad 7 306 Likes

Relax! It’s all good. She is hot and you love your daughter, oops, I meant step daughter. They know how to work you to get want they want. So sit back, break out the lube and jerk one for the hot step daughter you wish you had! Click Here To View Trailer

Best Friends #2 292 Likes

Best of friends are also best of fuck buddies! Starring BFFs Tiffany Taylor, Lexi Rose, Cassie Laine, Lilly Banks, Megan Salinas and more. Click Here To View Trailer

Step Relations 281 Likes

Its frowned upon, its taboo, its forbidden and a bit naughty but step relations are allowed to fuck ! Simple as that. So embrace your (step) family and hope that no one finds out. These studs and stunners did and we got it all on film. Watch step-daughters and step-dads go where they know they shouldn’t. Click Here To View Trailer

Relax He’s My Stepdad 5 276 Likes

I know Mommy doesn’t do this, but I will do anything! So what if I am your step-daughter? Here, relax, just let me help you out. Can I suck your cock? Let’s go up to your mother’s bed. Stepdaddy, Stepdaddy, Yes Yes Yes! Click Here To View Trailer

Live Nerd Girls 2 275 Likes

I’ve got a crush on my super hot lab partner and it’s distracting me from science! Let’s run the experiment naked! Need help getting dressed up for our super fun night? It’s cos-play not “cause-stress”! Come over to my place for girl-on-girl video gaming, pussy eating and anal play! Click Here To View Trailer

Submission of Emma Marx (2013) Girl Crush (2017) Babysitting the Baumgartners (2016)

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