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 February 26, 2023

Preacher's Daughter (2016)

The dramatic story of Marissa (Mia Malkova) the 19 year old daughter of a small town preacher.

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The dramatic story of Marissa (Mia Malkova) the 19 year old daughter of a small town preacher. She’s always been Daddy’s little girl and never been in trouble, that is, until she meets Billy (Xander Corvus) the towns bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

Before long, the two become lovers, but Marissa’s perfect world is turned upside down as her mother (Alexis Faux) and father (Brad Armstrong) forbid her from seeing Billy, saying he’s a heathen and he’ll ruin her life. But the more they try to drive the two young lovers apart, the stronger their bond grows.

The situation finally comes to a boiling point and the family gives her an ultimatum to never see Billy again or they’ll turn their back on her forever. Now it’s up to Marissa… Will she come back to her family and the church or will she risk everything to be with the man she loves?

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