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Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

Movie Poster

The original poster fetches around $700 (albeit in mint condition).

Debbie Does Dallas Movie Poster

The Plot

Bambi is the main character and captain of her high school cheerleading squad. She has been accepted to try out for the Texas Cowgirls.

Her parents disapprove and refuse to pay her fare to Texas. In a bid to help Debbie, her squadmates Lisa, Roberta, Tammy, Pat, and Annie decide to accompany her to Texas.

With two weeks to raise the money, form a company, called Teen Services.

It soon becomes apparant that they cannot make enough quickly with normal jobs. They decide to take it a step further…


About the movie

The movie became one of the best selling glamor movies of all times, selling over 50K on VHS.

The film has had numerous sequels and remakes across several decades from 1979 till 2007.

In 2001, Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical was created by Broadway. Till 2015 the musical was performed around the world.

The Car Wash Scene

There’s one car wash scene in the movie starting at around 37 min, with a total duration of a bit under 1 min.