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About CentiMax

Porn is overlooked for a variety of biased reasons and perceived flaws.

Mia.Gallery and mathematics cut straight through that.

Using the stats the way we read them, we’ll find value in websites that nobody else can see.

It’s about getting things down to one number. Of the 4392 premium porn websites for us to consider, we believe there’s a collection of sights for every men worth it.

It’s not about porn. It’s about what the sights with benefits do for you. It’s about what it says about any premium porn subscriber.

And it says what it says.   That you’re worth it.  

It's not about which is better, desire, arousal or climax.   It's about what you need  

A sight focus on Climax is not better than focus on desire or arousal.

2 Examples

A good example is Blacked and DogFart. Both serve interracial, but blacked is focussed on climax and dogfart on desire. You need far more desire than climax, about 7x more. This is reflected in the amount of content Blacked and DogFart provide. Blacked has weekly updates, while DogFart has daily new content.

Another example is MetArt and ThisYearsModel. MetArt is focussed on arousal, while ThisYearsModel focus is climax. This is also reflected in the amount of available content. TYM has regular updates, while MetArt has 3 photosets daily, for the past 12 years.


Of all the data we have analyzed, you can trust the following conclusions:

  • You need 7x more desire than arousal, and 7x more arousal than climax.
  • A sight with daily updates is focused on desire and weekly updates on climax.
  • Sights for climax have to be exceptionally good
  • Climax wears off after 5-6 months. It’s recommended to move on and find a new sight.

What’s CentiMax Charts?

The chart contains 3 types of information:

  1. how you feel during your stay
  2. how long you should stay
  3. most importantly, when to quit

2 types of charts: comparison & detailed

Comparison chart

A comparison chart shows 3 best sights in a particular niche. The example above is for big boobs.

Detailed chart

The detailed chart shows the first 3 months of your stay. The blue line is the first month, red is the second month and orange is the third month.

How to CentiMax?

The chart is devided into 3 parts from bottom to top:

  • Nothing (0-20)
  • Desire (20-50)
  • Arousal (50-100)
  • Climax (100-160)

Anything above 100 is great climax. Almost no sight goes above 160, for good reasons. Real sex is estimated to be CentiMax between 180 and 200.

Save Time & Money

The detailed chart shows you what to expect:

  • first month of subscription
  • how long you should subscribe, before the effect starts to wear off.

Example TeamSkeet vs. MetArt

TeamSkeet has a yearly subscription you can skip right away. Since the climax effects wear off after 4th month. Therefore you save 6 months of wasted money when you opt-in for 1 + 3 months subscription.

MetArt is focused on arousal, therefore you can skip the one-time/recurring monthly and subscribe for a year, saving you $260-380. For arousal you need 7x more pictorials & videos, and MetArt delivers on that.


Each CentiMax page for a particular site has all the info you need to make inform decisions.

  • A summary
  • 2 charts
  • Various previews
  • List of high CentiMax pics/vids
  • Recommendations.

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